Strudel declarative syntax depends heavily on decorators which are not part of ECMAScript spec, so they are not natively supported by browser vendors (decorators spec is a TC39 proposal in stage 2). Transpiler like Babel is required and transform-decorators-legacy plugin. For optional components syntax also transform-class-properties is recommended.

Strudel could be used without the decorators, but such an approach is not recommended as it loses one of core principles.

For streamlined Babel setup take a look at babel-preset-strudel.

Browser support

Without polyfills Strudel supports IE11, as it using DOM 4 spec. If lower browser support is required please use great tools like


CLI is recommended way of setting up new Strudel project

$ npm install --global strudel-cli
$ strudel new webpack my-project
$ cd my-project
$ npm install

You can read more about CLI in dedicated guide.


If you feel like configuring build on your own you can use npm to install Strudel.

$ npm install strudel --save

Then however you need to take care about Babel and Webpack configuration.